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Bad Customer service at Roosevelt field

(Topic created: 09-07-2021 07:55 AM)
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For the first time since i started using Samsung with the S3 I'm disappointed in Samsung. All because of an entitled manager Charlie Camp at Roosevelt field
Screen protector machine was broken, i was at the store to get my screen protector replaced. After an hour of waiting i asked for the manager. His first interaction with me was "give me a second bro". Is this a manager at Samsung or a fraternity brother at a frat house? Anyway moving on. Charlie first doesn't belive that i was in the store for an hour, then he doubles down with, yes, sometimes its takes an hour to get your screen protector under warranty replaced its very normal. Is this Samsungs corporate stand too? 1 hour in store that isn't busy for a screen protector replacement. My main issue was tone and unprofessional nature of Charlie, he never apologized for the hour wait and had a aggressive tone throughout. 

Also, the associate who was helping me earlier when i first got to store was confronted by several individuals including the manager Charlie on some kind of mistake he had done. Does Samsung find this professional? You talk down to your workers infront of customers on the sales floor. It puts the customer and the associate that was getting talked down in a very uncomfortable position.

I have exact dates and times, if samsung is actually going to take my complaints seriously!
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I agree. Customer first, but never, ever show disrespect to associates regardless of the presence of customers or not.