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Bring the headphone jack back.

Yall need to bring the headphone jack back. Even if it is for the note series. Imagine wanting to buy a flagship phone and wanting the jack but cant have it. That was the most important feature everyone uses espically on a daily basis so why would you take it out. Using wireless headset should be an opinion but you force us consumers to use it anyway. Please..... BRING THE 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK BACK.


Re: Bring the headphone jack back.

Seriously, Samsung!  A lot of us are buying your product because it still has a headphone jack.  That's why I switched, and, honestly, don't plan on going back to the i-world.  However, I will do what i have to to have a phone and tablet with a headphone jack, even if it means saying goodbye to Samsung.  I need to be able to plug into stereos, cars, and quality headphones and other listening devices, not your mediocre earbuds.  Having to carry around adapters everywhere with one more piece to break or become detached not only a pain, it's insulting that I have to buy more stuff to get what I used to get for free.  Put it back!