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Broken S pen on new phone and display is separating from frame

(Topic created on: 2/25/21 1:15 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Note Phones

I got a new sealed Note 9 a month ago, the ocean blue 512g model and ive already got 2 problems with it.

1) the screen is poping in the middle part, when I press on it wen im cleaning it with a microfiber cloth, i hear the display poping as in its separating form the fram and the glue behind is barely sticky.

2) My S-pen’s button is cracked! I barely used it and its already cracked and slightly bent, i used the pen 2 or 3 times to write omethin on the AOD to not forget and discovered that its cracked. 

I need these 2 problems fixed in warranty, this is not normal, display separating from frame and s breaking up that fast. Im the samsung silicone case for it.


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