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Camera Bump

(Topic created on: 5/12/21 9:43 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
I purchased the best cover for my phone and had use the cover from this manufacturer for the past 10 or so years speaking about the otterbox and its a great case protect my phone great, but earlier I pick up my phone and seem what I believe to be a scratch on the camera bump (Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G) is there a cover that will protect the camera bump, it a shame to spend all this money for a device, a screen protector and now the camp bump is left unprotect,  anyone knows of a protector that I can invest in I would like to get as much use out of this phone that I can get. I am open for suggestions  thanks to all
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Note Phones
I picked up Spigen tempered camera lens protector for my Ultra. I also like it cause it blacks out the camera lens and looks great with my Black Spigen case.