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Change the s and note line up a bit and bring the active devices back, maybe even a note active.

You guys should change your line up a bit. For the S line I think you should keep it the way it is but make the s11e and onward a bit cheaper then the iphone while making all your phones this year cheaper. The s11e should cost a good $650, that would be $50 cheaper then the iphone 11 which also got a price cut. The s11 and s11 plus (or what ever your calling your phones from now on) should be cheaper as well. Since the iphone 11 got cheaper but the iphone 11 pro and pro max are still the same price, it would be wise to go back to your roots and price your phones cheaper then the iphone for every phone. As I said before, the s11e should be $50 cheaper then the $700 iphone 11, and with the iphone 11 pro being $1000 base, you should make the s11 cost around $850 to $900 with the s11 plus being $900 to $950. It would be a good idea to make this years phones very competitive with the iphone bit a signifigently lower price with similar if not more proformence. You should also add back the active line and make it would be fair to make it cost around the price of the s11 and s11 plus. Now for then note line. First off, people who want a stylus on their phone are not the kinda people hwo would like a small phone, so you should drop the smaller note 10. Or you could do something you have never done before and make a galaxy note 11 pro and note 11 active. basicaly the active would be about the size of the note 11 pro but would have a smaller screen because it has that touch case around it. It should also have a HUGE battery. The note 9 already had a big battery, 4000mah to be exact. Well guess what other phone had a 4000mah batter last year? not the note 8, not the s8. It was the s8 active! The s8 active had a 4000mah battery while being smaller then the note 9, how big of a battery could you cram into an active iphone considering they are thicker then their sleeker cousins? Im thinking a LOT and you might be able to even stick a 5000mah battery in that thing. This phone could be a beast! you can do so much when you arent restricted by form factor. this would be a great idea and that phone aong with the s11 active would sell like hot cakes. As long as you price it right. You have to have the pricing right.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Change the s and note line up a bit and bring the active devices back, maybe even a note active.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.