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Clock Issues

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 11:11 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Since latest updates there are several displeasing changes made to the functionality of the clock app. 

1. When setting up an alarm, you can still title the alarm but, you have to select "read title and time aoud" but I don't need to hear the title. 

2. Used to be able to title an alarm but would read time aloud. Now the voice reads title and time out loud together which sounds jumbled and incomprehensible. My suggestion would be to make choice of reading titles and/or time separate ☑ check boxes.

3. We were able to select a tone/tune that would play the alarm that we were setting. This song/tune was independent of the others. Each alarm_clock: setting could have its own tune. Now when you select a song/tune it becomes the default for all alarms.

Please revert the clock/alarms back to the previous state. 

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