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Contacts - how do I set up my Note Phone to use just ONE contact list

(Topic created on: 1/24/21 9:46 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

I have several email accounts and manage emails for several clients.

I use the default Samsung email app to access my Office 365 email account.

I use the Gmail app to access my Gmail email account.

I use Blue Mail to access (up to 3) client's email accounts.


I use the default Samsung contacts app for contacts.

The probem is that if a contact exists in more then one of my email accounts (above) it lists up to 6 times (one for each email account above if it exists on there plus the SIMM entry). I can have 6 "John Smiths" who are all the same when I search the contacts.


The problem then lies when you edit that contact - you have to select which account you are editing the contact for.


I'd just like to use one contact list (syncing to/from from my main Office 365 account) and only that one. I dont want to see the contacts from the other email accounts.


How do I set up the Samsung to ONLY show contacts from one email account please?




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