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Dear Samsung, re: Pro Mode Video removal

My faith in Samsung "Care" has been shattered. I don't know who to address this to. I'm not even sure what I am looking for at this point. But below is the reason for my frustration:


In December 2017, I purchased the Note 8 specifically for the Pro Mode Video features for work. That was the top selling point for me, and I was extremely happy with my purchase. So much so, friends and professional peers called me a “Samsung evangelist,” trying to get iPhone users to convert to the Samsung Galaxy, and they were impressed by the video I was capturing.


Earlier this year, after the Pie/UI update, Pro Mode Video was *taken away*. When I reached out to Samsung Care then (phone calls and community forum), it was explained to me as if it was a "mistake," and I was told that Samsung developers were working to remedy the situation in a future update. I held out hope, and I found a voice command workaround; I could still complete my work with Pro Mode Video (even though it was still frustrating, reminding me each time of the tech failure).


Then last week, another security update came along. Still feeling the burn from the Pie/UI update failure, I thought about not installing the security update... “but, surely they couldn't mess it up any further.” Sadly, I was wrong. After installing the security update, now the voice command workaround for using Pro Mode Video has been disabled. The other voice commands for shooting still shots in Pro Mode still work, and voice command in regular video mode works, but no video in Pro Mode. Which makes me see that they weren’t trying to remedy the mistake at all, but rather they are forcing an upgrade. Why else?


And what timing! I see that presale for the new Note 10+ is now available as of last week as well! I would love to be convinced that this is not the Corporate Giant way to force loyal customers to upgrade, but... all I can believe now is that I should not ever put my faith in a big corporation. What was I thinking? I am beyond disappointed, feeling more betrayed.


Even if I did give in and "forgive" Samsung for this exploitation of my trust and upgrade to the new Note 10+ that, interestingly, promotes Pro Grade Video ( but, who knows if that'll be taken away as well??), it's not even available yet. So I am still forced to find another way to complete my video work. Which means purchasing a separate professional grade camera. Which means I won't be able to afford the new upgrade anytime soon.


Perhaps Samsung doesn’t “care” so much about this issue, since it does not effect the majority of its users. But Samsung has left me at a loss… literally and figuratively. There has been no evidence of Samsung attempting to rectify this error or even apologize for any inconvenience.


I am open to hear Samsung’s explanations and suggestions, if you care to offer any that might actually help at this time.


Thank you for your attention.