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Early Pre-Order (with reservation credit) Canceled in the 11th hour!

I had a valid order sitting for 2 weeks. 


Then I get a message the day before I'm supposed to have the thing in my hands, stating: "Your order #XXXXX and activation cannot be completed by your carrier and have been cancelled. For more information, please contact your carrier. To purchase your phone now visit and select a different payment method."


I have spent the last 2 hours on with Sprint (my carrier) and Samsung Support.  Samsung Support pretty much says there is nothing they can do.  Sprint is at least trying to match something of my order to make things right with a new order. (UPDATE - They failed.)


The issue seems to stem from Samsung itself having truncated my Billing/Shipping City.  THEY took out all the vowels from my city's long-ish name and then the order apparently didn't go through in the end (after two weeks of saying all was well/good) - possibly (though not certain at this time) because the info didn't match my CC info.  


No it didn't match, you randomly changed my City's name!


The biggest issue is the complete lack of an attempt to fix it on the front end (AKA, let me attempt to update my CC info to include this random city or change payment method) AND the complete 'shoulder shrug' on the back end - uh oh, it's canceled and there is nothing we can do to help and too bad, so sad that you will miss out on all the pre-order offers that we dangled in front of you and have now taken away because we are incompetent! 


Oh, any discounts that were offered with your reservation and the initial discounts on the accessories and such (for ordering so early/pre-reserving)?  Yeah, those are gone too. you! (with a smile)


Thank you, Samsung.  You've given me an opportunity to go give your competitors a better look.  Those two Samsung tablets and the Samsung TV I was considering?  Yeah, maybe...maybe not.


The only thing worse than missing out on a deal is to have it stolen from you after you already did your part.  That is being 'a tease', a type of bait-n-switch (one where I bought nothing from you - dumb).


I did my part, why didn't you do yours, Samsung?



Seriously Off