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Extend Software Update support for Galaxy Note10 Series phones for another year

(Topic created on: 5/1/21 10:50 AM)
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Many using the Note10 series phones have been waiting for the new Note 21 series phones so they are able to upgrade. However, without any news about the N21 series coming alive this year, many would have to keep using their N10+ phones for another year, and by the time the next Note series phone releases, the software update may not be updated and we will be missing a ton of features coming up from the next few updates.  I hope Samsung is able to extend another year of Software update support for the S10 and N10 series phones and when we swap over to the next galaxy note, they do not miss out on much features of One UI.

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Red Giant
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We will get another major update as Samsung promised 3. I'll hold on to my Note 10+ another 2 years if I have too as it has been good to me compared to said problems from other Galaxy devices.