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Galaxy Note 9 Users Only - Updates/Security Question

(Topic created: 11-07-2022 08:02 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Note Phones
Hello everyone. Just a quick check in with the community as I am a longtime Galaxy Note 9 user on AT&T. I have checked with Samsung Members, AT&T Tech Support as well as Samsung Tech Support and have received varied stories on the topic about to be discussed,  so I wanted community input from Galaxy Note 9 Users only. My device's apps and features are still working like new and are fully updated also the battery/display is doing very well too luckily.

I am on June 2022 security but received a "stability update" in August. I am aware that the Note 9 got dropped from quarterly updates but was still expecting biannual updates as other devices have received since this was a flagship and charged for as one. 

Have any other Note 9 users received security past June because I was originally told I would be on October's security. I was also tracking One UI 4 as the members app pinged me and others with updates on it's release despite never being listed, but Samsung did confirm Korean variants received testing and further updates due to the device's ability to carry the software successfully this past spring/summer. 

Note 9 users : have you received the same update or are on a different security/stabilty version? If not on Note 9 please refrain from input. Thank you! 
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