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Gallery sync with OneDrive setting missing

(Topic created: 09-26-2022 08:46 AM)
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Recently Samsung has ended support for Gallery sync with Samsung and have partnered with Microsoft to utilize OneDrive for Gallery sync. I have started using Gallery sync with OneDrive on my S22 Ultra with no issues. When doing so, it has changed the "Camera Upload" setting in the OneDrive app to "Gallery Sync."


I am trying to turn Gallery sync with OneDrive on my Note 9 now, but the setting for sync with OneDrive is literally not showing up in the settings menu of the Gallery app. The phone OS is up to date, and both the Gallery app and OneDrive app are up to date as well. In the OneDrive app, "Gallery Sync" has replaced "Camera Upload" just as on my S22 Ultra so this is clearly universal on the OneDrive app. Yet again, the sync with OneDrive setting is just not showing up in the settings menu of the Gallery app. I just spoke with someone from Samsung on the phone who said this feature should be supported on the Note 9, although he could be wrong. 


So question 1: Is Gallery sync with OneDrive supported on the Note 9?


Question 2: If so, what is going on and how do I fix it? Again, everything is up-to-date and yes, I've tried restarting. Resetting the phone isn't an option. 




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Galaxy Note Phones

I have a hunch. Do you have Verizon for your service provider? I'm having the same issue on my S10+ on Verizon. I also have a work Z Flip 4 on T-Mobile and the sync option is there and works like a charm.

Verizon blocks Samsung Cloud and for some reason I feel like they might block One Drive because it's not an app or service that Verizon owns.

Very frustrated that sync doesn't work on my personal phone.