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Going to Apple!

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Cosmic Ray
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I have been a Samsung Knight since 2010. I've always been proud to show what my phones were capable of doing. I've had S3, Note 4, 5, 6 Edge plus, Note 7, Note 8, Galaxy fold. Currently I'm using the Z fold 2, The Note 20 Ultra and the Note 10 plus. I'm considering leaving Samsung because of decisions they've made in the past couple of years. 
1. Discounting Note series: The Note is your Flagship device.....the King of the Hill! It has the S-pen, the big screen, all the features the other series don't have. This is a mistake! It's water and dust resistant (none of the foldable phones are). It has the S-pen in the phone (you don't have to buy a case to attach the pen to it, as a matter of fact you have to buy the pen too). You can watch a movie on the big screen. Not to mention other features too numerous to mention.
2. Expandable memory:
This wasn't a good idea when they did it with the Note 5 & the 6 Edge and Edge plus. Your customers complained and you fixed it. Now you want to punish us again by removing the expandable memory. Its always good to have options and your taking a great option away from us.
3. Android beam:
You take android beam away to give us nearby share???? Not good!!!!!!!! You have to do to much with that!
4. Charging brick:
Apple did this and the Apple sheep followed! Now you expect us to follow blindly and take it! Why? Samsung has never been a follower so why start now??
You guys even followed Apple with this camera bump!! This is crazy! Since Samsung wants to be like Apple instead of the trend setter that they use to be I'll be going to Apple if they do not listen to their customers and fix these items and start doing what they were doing before which was leading the pack!
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Galaxy Note Phones
good for you singsing1
Galaxy Note Phones
It's one model. You don't know what the next Note will bring, what the next Fan Edition will bring, what the S22 model will bring. Companies try things - it doesn't mean they won't go back.