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How to: Battery Troubleshooting and Tips

Hello everyone,

We do understand the urge to get the maximum out of your device and would like to recommend some steps to do
that. Always use best judgement, dependent on your needs.

- Utilize the Auto-Brightness feature of your device or lower screen brightness. Use best judgement, depending
on your needs.
- Be sure to disable all Services not in use, such as, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. These use extra power
attempting to establish a connection when not actively in use.
- Go to your Settings -> Location -> Improve Accuracy -> Disable WiFi and Bluetooth Scanning
- Disable Location Completely in Quick Access Drop Down Menu (This is used to track GPS for navigation and
other apps that require or request your location.) Use best judgement, depending on your needs.
- Disable Sync function in Quick Access Drop Down Menu (This will prevent background sync data for email and
other distinct apps) (ie. Email, App sync data) Use best judgement, depending on your needs.
- Close all apps not in use, with the recent apps button to the left of your Home Screen
- Take advantage of Power-Saving Mode available: This can be accessed from the Quick Access Drop Down Menu. Be aware that these will disable background and sync data on apps that are not actively in use.
- Apps Power Saving Mode: This option will be found through settings under battery and location may vary by
device. This will be located under Apps Power Saving through selecting Detail and selecting apps power saving.
(This will restrict background and sync data on all apps selected and may be customized to what works best for
- Be sure to use Samsung Authorized chargers and accessories for best performance


If you are at any time experiencing problems with the Battery life of your device. Please attempt the
following steps to isolate what you may be experiencing:
- Check all browsers and close all tabs that may have continuous ads or are playing video plug-ins
- Check Battery usage through Settings -> Battery -> Battery Usage
Here determine if a certain application is leading to what you are experiencing
- Clear the cache of that particular application in the application manager and Force Stop that application: 

How to clear cache and/or data for an app?

- Check that all applications are up to date in the Play Store or Galaxy Apps Store. Apps not optimized for
the latest Android Version may not automatically update.
- Wipe the Cache partition of your device: How to wipe the Cache Partition on your phone or tablet
This will help all apps to run fresh after any update and will not delete any saved information from your
device: This may require logging back into select accounts.


If you find that the Android OS is using more battery than usual. Or that your device is still draining
quickly. This may be related to a corrupt file, outdated app, or outdated app file. For this I must recommend:
- Place your device into safe mode: How to use safe mode to troubleshoot problems  to determine if a third party app is leading to what you are
- Backing up your device using our Smart Swith PC application here: or using your device as with Media
Transfer Protocol to use your device as an external drive to back up or move important.
- When restoring information to your device. Restore only: Contacts and Account information
DO NOT RESTORE: Pictures, Music, Apps, or Data Files. This will help to determine if a corrupt file, outdated
app, or file associated with an app was leading to what you are experiencing. Until you determine that these
are not in any way leading to what you are experiencing.
- Use your device normally and place to charge. If what you are experiencing no longer occurs, this may be
due to an outdated application that is no longer compatible with your device, a corrupt files, or program
- Restore all data that you deem safe or reinstate all files fresh from their original location


Please be aware that troubleshooting steps given are based on Factory settings and may not reflect how your device is used or set up. 

If you find that you are still experiencing problems, please create a thread detailing what steps you have taken or any custom settings you may have.