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Improve Instagram Stories in Samsung Phone

Hi Samsung Team, 


I am currently trying to recommend Samsung Phone to a friend and generally she is happy with it. However, there is a minor problem with Samsung Phone that she a bit reluctant to change. This is related instagram stories. The video taken directly from instagram stories has a much worse quality as compared to the stock camera coming with the phone. 



Based on my observation, this has been one of the reason that people still sticking with iphone as apple has a better video quality on the instagram stories although the video camera from the stock camera has a comparable quality. I would request for Samsung team to extend their hands to instagram so that instagram could update the application at least for samsung phone so that it is close to the video quality coming from the stock camera app. 



I believe that when Samsung is able to approach Fortnite for a collaboration to get an exclusive partnership, samsung could also have a partnership with instagram for this matter. As the world is getting more digital, a lot of female actually uses instagram as their platform to express themselves and having good quality video really helps. 


I believe that when this issue can be solved with a software update, there will be a lot of people migrating from the other brand to Samsung especially the one that uses more instagram and this will benefit samsung sales which translated to increase in revenue. 


In general, I believe that Samsung has much better hardware and functional specification. If this can be done, it will be a point plus for people to actually switching to samsung ecosystem. 


Thank you for your kind attention




Re: Improve Instagram Stories in Samsung Phone

You would have to send Instagram a feedback for this one

Cosmic Ray

Re: Improve Instagram Stories in Samsung Phone

Right? Even the stories are cropped. I can't see some parts because the app is still not optimized. It's just sad to use a highend phone with such problems. 


Re: Improve Instagram Stories in Samsung Phone

Only thing I can think of is trying to change the display resolution on your phone. But this has been a known issue for Samsung's phones. I used Insta for about a week and uninstalled cuz I simply don't take pictures like that and use Snap instead