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Lack of choices.

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 5:58 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Samsung at this point I cant be more disappointed with yall. Let's start by saying you remove the charger and headphones in the box and remove the sd card slot. Why do you keep taking away features people like. We didnt ask for you to remove anything. We loved that headphone jack, why remove it? At this point I feel like you're following apple instead of making decisions for yourself. The features you take out was the features that gave your that huge edge ahead of apple. Another thing. Why do international markets get limited colour opinions and one storage opinion. The US market will always have either 128, 256 or 512 and for the S10 plus it went up to 1TB. International markets only get 128GB, 256gb. How is that fair. All markets should have the same thing. Last of all why the highest storage opinion always have to be black or white. Why cant it be blue or rose gold or even gold itself. If a consumer wants a 512GB Samsung device it always gotta be black or white hardly silver. Please bring more colour opinions for devices that have higher storage. 

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