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Looking for a wireless car charger

(Topic created: 08-14-2021 10:22 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Hello! I'm looking for a wireless car charger for my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra. My Baseus charger (on the screenshot) broke after only a year of usage.
It has 10w output and so when the navigation is on it only helps keep the charge.
Sometimes Xiaomi 20w car charger is recommended but according to reviews it still chargers Note 20 Ultra with 10 watts, 20w is only for Xiaomi charging protocols.
Can you advise me a charger that is compatible with and can charge the device with more than 10w?Baseus-Smart-Air-Vent-Car-Holder-Qi-Wireless-Charger-Black-6953156281479-05092019-01-p.jpg

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