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Moister Detected Solution

If you are using a fast charger DO NOT connect the usb charging cable to your phone before connecting to the wall charger. This will set off the moister detection notification. First, connect charger to the wall and then plug your usb cable to the phone.

Solution: you will need a regular charger. Do not use a fast charger for this.

Note 10 or newer. Follow Steps 1-7
1# Go to your settings.
2# tap on Notifications
3# select "see all" (bottom)
4#  select "show sytems apps" ( 3dot top right hand corner)
5# click on Android System
6# tap on Android System logo. Click on force stop.
7# restart phone (make sure not to power off) After restart immediately plug your charger to your phone. It should start charging normal again. If not re-do step 6-7

Note 8 or older
1# turn off your phone
2# connect regular charger (do not use fast charger)
3# press and hold volume down button and power button at the same time. Once you see it turn on release both buttons.  Phone should start charging normal again.

Samsung battery and fast chargers are are defective!!  I purchased my Note10 2 months ago and Tmobile doesn't want to exchange for a new one. I hope when i contact Samsung they will offer a new device and not a refurbished phone. I paid 1,299 plus tax and Tmobile wants to give me a refurbished phone.