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My Note 9 camera won't focus and can't read barcodes?

(Topic created: 05-02-2022 02:53 AM)
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What is the problem with note 9 wont focus i cant read barcodes and its blurry in pics im so disappointed as ive been a note user sense 4 i qpon alot so the camera was a big reason i became a note fan...what can i do to fix

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Galaxy Note Phones
I used to have a Note 9 and Note 20, and even with the S22U, always it is tricky to get them on focus.
I always get those free barcode scanner apps cuz they lock the autofocus, so you move the phone to get into focus.
Like this one from the playstore Bar code scanner by simply design, the auto focus is locked and you move the phone closer.
Try one, some have little ads some have a paid no ads.