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New updates making things worse

(Topic created: 08-27-2021 07:14 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
So Samsung keeps tossing updates at us and I keep getting more and more mad about how they add features that are annoying and take away features which were useful.

Added feature:
Long persisting notifications on the center of the screen... File saved, file downloaded, screenshot taken etc... They used to display maybe a second... Now it's like 5 and super annoying... Allow us to adjust this or revert it!

Another thing that was taken away is in the camera app... We used to be able to choose a resolution and approx file size of photos... Now we can't... At all... It just takes in assuming large photos and I'm usually stuck having to reformat them because Gmail has a limit of 8mb and sometimes 1 or 2 photos max out my limits ...

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Note Phones

I have noticed the same thing when using my device as well. It seems like with every update more and more of the features that made me choose this particular phone are being taken away from it. I understand adding features but why are features continually being taken away that are important as well as ones that were key features used to market this phone. Nothing makes sense any more. There is a laundry list of things of features that worked great that Samsung have broken.