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Not Receiving Voice Mail Notifications

(Topic created: 10-26-2021 10:25 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

I recently switched from AT&T to Total Wireless with my existing Samsung Note 10 +, but I am no longer getting notifications when I have voice mail. When I go to Settings > Notifications > Phone, the Missed Call and the Voicemail options are turned off, and it will not permit me to turn them on. (If I call my voice mail, I can retrieve my messages fine, but I just never get the notifications). I have called Total Wireless customer service several time, and everything they had me tried failed. The last rep stated that I need to completely restore my phone back to factory settings, meaning that I will lose all of my apps, text messages, pictures, etc.

I have two questions - First and preferably, is there any trick to be able to get my phone to start providing my voice mail notifications? If not, how can I store all of my apps, text messages, on a PC, and re-upload them after doing a factory reset?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

My voice mail is definitely setup, and I retrieve my messages every couple of days, but in order to find out that I have messages, I have to call into my voice mail, since I do not receive the notifications.

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