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Note 10+ 5G - Rebooting when using DEX app on Windows 10



Has anybody encountered the following issue...


Using my brand new Note 10+ 5G with DEX on Windows 10 (as an app).  I'm getting several phone reboots per day, some times 10 times a day.  It seems completely ramdom.


Debug steps


Put phone into Safe Mode for a day and got no reboots.  Unfortunatley unable to use DEX in safemode


Tried several cables, USB-C (Phone) to USB-A (Laptop), USB-C (Phone) to USB-C (Laptop).  Tried 5 different cables but the problem persists

Tried several different PCs (all laptops) but still the problem persists

Clear cache (DEX & USB) on the phone

Factory reset phone

Connect the phone directly to a monitor (USB C to HDMI) and use bluetooth mouse and keyboard


All above result in the phone rebooting radmonly, except the SafeMode obviously.


Samsung have given up and have no more suggesations for me, hence I'm hoping someone out there might have an idea.


All suggestions welcome.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note 10+ 5G - Rebooting when using DEX app on Windows 10

If the issue doesn't occur with the device in safe mode then there is a third-party app causing this. You may have to delete your third-party apps one by one (starting with the most recent) until you find the one causing this.

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