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Note 10+ N975F (Exynos) loosing Wi-Fi IPV6 after "deep sleep" after Android 11 OneUi 3.0 update

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 7:48 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

After I updated my Note 10+ N975F (Exynos) to Android 11 OneUI 3.0 the phone looses the Wi-Fi IPV6 connectivity after some time in "deep sleep". The only way to fix is disabling and enabling the Wi-Fi again.

This problem never happened before when using Android 10.  I also have many other devices in my network without any problems whatsoever (including 2 other samsung phones, one Samsung A30s running Android 10 and a Samsung J7 running Android 9). So NO, this is not a problem with my router.

Anyone noticed any similar behavior ?? Hope this can be fixed in future updates...

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