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Note 10 Plus - Charging and battery issues

(Topic created: 03-01-2022 12:10 PM)
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Coincidentally my Note 10+ started having several issues 2 days after the warranty ran out.

For 4 weeks

- Been getting moisture detected error (for a week it was intermittent but since then won't go away)

-Fast charging for both wired and wireless charging is not working (Tried 3 different plugs & cables and 2 wireless chargers but neither would do fast charging or stop the error from appearing)

-Battery is draining twice as fast

- Samsung Watch plug in stops working (error) comes up 3-5 times a day

For 3 weeks, clearing data in apps for USB Settings and Android System bypassed the moisture error however, as soon as I unplugged the charger it instantly came back. For the past 3 days, the above along with other solutions no longer works and can only wireless charge.

Around the time the issues started, I have installed a software update and changed Sim provider. I have updated the software twice but the updates did not fix any of the issues. Also tried removing the sim card and the sim tray, this has bypassed the charging error once for 2 mins before it came back and when I tried this again later it didn't bypass error at all.

Charging port has never been wet, I have cleaned the charging port, cleared cache, plugged it into pc, tried charging while off, etc but nothing works. (Yes fast charging is switched on in settings for both types of charging).

I did think it may be charging port issue but this shouldn't affect 3/4 issues i'm having? 

I tried all the solutions on other threads but cannot bypass moisture error anymore. Phone ran out of warranty 2 days before this started so can't send to Samsung for free repair. Any suggestions on what else it may be or how to fix/bypass as I really don't want to buy a new phone right now 😞 ???

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I know this may sound strange but do you bring your phone in the bathroom when you shower? The moisture can accumulate inside your phone, I'm guessing over time could cause a problem. Maybe not all of the issues you're having but definitely a moisture issue. Unfortunately I don't have a fix for ya, sorry. I wish you luck.
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Well well well another post about this so called warning. It is happening to so many others even on brand new devices. Samsung needs to finally allow users to disable this feature once and for all. It gives false reports all the time.