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Note 10 Plus not recognized on USB type C

2 different laptops (Windows 10), 2 different results. On one laptop (MSI GE62VR) using a USB port type C the phone is recognized, data can be transferred, Samsung Dex works fine, and the phone charges. On a newer laptop (GF65 Thin 9SEXR) using USB port type C the phone is not being recognized, it does not charge in the "Fast Charge" mode, Samsung Dex does not find the device, and the phone displays the message to "check the cable connection". The USB ports type C can detect other devices, with no error. There are no missing drivers, the laptop is brand new. 


This one is for the headbreakers like me...

Cosmic Ray

Re: Note 10 Plus not recognized on USB type C

I had the same issue and changing the USB ports or cable worked for me. it was truly a headbanger also. The most success I had was using regular USB to connect phone ( USB - usb-c) sometimes the USB c to USB c cables aren't that reliable