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Note 10 plus black spot on display

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Hello I'm from Greece. I'm an owner of Galaxy note 10+ .


In the recent past I have owned s8, note 8 dualsim, note 2014 10.1, buds live and s watch. I'm a huge fan and until today I was very satisfied from your products. All of these devices are in perfect condition, unscratched and undamaged and still working excellent. Every display is covered by t-max tempered glass with UV glue and is in Spigen case.


Yesterday I was at a cafeteria and I had my note 10+ in my pocket and not in it's bag (because I'm afraid of potential thieves). When I took it out of my pocket the screen wasn't working like before, I couldn't scroll down from the top of the screen, then I spotted a black spot in the upper left corner. My phone is under warranty and never fell down. The black area then became a thick line under the front camera and while I was providing the phone to the Samsung service it reshaped to the black spot. The touchpad sometimes was working perfectly and sometimes it didn't react at all.


At the Samsung repair center (I got there after almost an hour) 2 employees checked the phone for drop marks, with a huge magnifying glass. Both of them didn't notice anything at all, as they would, because the phone never had even a hard contact. They told me that because it's not from a fall the warranty is not void and they will change my display for free.


That was yesterday.


Today, they called me and announced to me that they found some tiny scratches in the back of the LCD display after they opened the phone. Due to that, they said to me that Samsung will say that warranty was void and I should pay 300€ (which is a great amount of money for a display) for the changing of the display, which will have only 3 months of warranty (!) which is also the amount of my remaining warranty.


Of course I didn't choose this plan and they told me that I should do the talking with the customer service team and explain them the problem, and maybe after the talking they will change their minds and the warranty will not be void.


I talked over the phone with 2 employees and explained them everything. After that, a supervisor called me (who had an unacceptable tone, because, as he told me, the call was not recorded).


In the bottom line, he told me that he has no technician knowledge and that if he speaks with the service and they tell him that there are scratches behind the display (?) which are the reason of the black spot, the warranty will be voided and that I would I have to pay for the repear. 


So the repair service told me that Samsung will tell them not to repair my phone because of these scratches and the customer service told me that they can or cannot fix it for free depending on what the service will tell them. It's like a table tennis ball here!


The thing is that I am with out my phone since yesterday. Thank God my note 8 still works. 


The crazy part was that they might have to give me the phone in 2 separate pieces, if I don't choose to pay 300€ for the repair... 


How could I did the scratches on the back of the display in an unopened device with water protection?! How could I prove (and to who? To the repair center or to customer service) that I'm not responsible for this damage, considering that the excellent condition of the device was not enough for them? 


It is unacceptable not to covering these type of display problems under warranty, on flagship devices. I'm in a very huge discomfort here in Greece. 


Please Samsung US or Korea see this post and repair my phone as you should. I'm frustrated.


Ps. I'm still waiting for the repair center to send me an email with the scratches on the back of the LCD display. I'm very curious what they will be...


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Hello my Greek brother :greece:
I'm sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately, this forum is for community members. Occasionally you will see samsung employees, but all they can do is recommend solutions or recommend that you open a ticket. I recommend you do the same. I agree that it's ridiculous that the employers at the repair shop claim that the scratches inside the unopened phone were made by you. If this was a defective in the phone, it seems that it certainly would have appeared shortly after the phone was released.
So, in order of questions:
1. Is the repairshop authorized by Samsung? (And if not, can you bring it to a Samsung authorized repairshop?)
2. Do you think it's possible that the scratches they mentioned were actually cracks in the screen from putting your phone in your pocket? Large phone such as Notes normally wouldn't go in pockets because the screens aren't fixable and the larger screen leaves it more prone to breaking. My Greek cousin broke his phone the same way.