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Note 10 plus wireless charging issues

My Note 10 plus was charging on either of two Samsung fast charge wireless chargers until a couple of months ago. Now it will occasionally charge when put on the pad, but mostly not. Here is what I have done.

Toggled and tried every charge related setting. Fast charge,  fast wireless charge and power share. 

Even though it had been charging with the case on, I took it off.

Cleared the cache.

Hard reset.

Factory reset.

None of it worked. It seems that if I put it on the charger, at random times it will work. Cannot correlate this to anything. It charges fine on the cable. 

I know the charging pads are good as they can charge the ear buds and another phone.  

I have been on the phone 3x with Samsung, and they advise to either take it to a service center 70 miles away, or to send it back as it is under warranty. 

Anyone have something to try that I have neglected?