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Note 10 plus

I have a verizon note 10 plus.  Less than 6 months old. It took an update back in May which messed up charging on any charger OTHER than the charger that came with the phone.  I had to use the one that came with it or couldn't charge.  I was on tech support with verizon and they were aware of the issues.  They said working on it.  Well, yesterday it took a new update on 6/30/20 and now I can't charge on even the charger that it came with.  I have factory reset my phone TWICE - and currently I have no software at all on it and refuse to keep data resetting.  Does samsung know when this issue will be resolvoed or if this could possibly be an issue with the phone itself??? Its very frustrating.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note 10 plus

Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend a software reflash on your device. We have a couple of options available:


1. UbreakIfix- Samsung authorized walk-in service center

2. Ship your device in for service.


If you wish to ship your device in or service can you please provide me with the following information in a private message:


Full Name:
Street address:
Email Address:
Best Contact Number:
Alternate Telephone Number: (If Available)
Model Code:
Serial/IMEI Number:

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