Note 4 keeps powering off


Note 4 keeps powering off

Hi my name is Colleen. I'm having big problems with my Note 4 powering off by itself. I've had it 2 years and it is in pristine condition. Never has it been dropped or misused in any way. So there's no reason for this to happen in my eyes!!! All Verizon wants to do is sell me another phone. The battery is good. Actually I have a few and it powers down with them all. Does anyone know what I can do to correct this annoying issue? 

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Re: Note 4 keeps powering off

Hello there, @userutVSm4XJn3. We're glad you reached out here with your concern.
Let's try some troubleshooting steps, just let us know how these go!

  1. Are all your Apps are up to date? You have 2 places that you need to look. Google Play store and Galaxy app store. Go to both and check My Apps. Make sure there is no app that needs updating. 
  2. Is your phone OS up to date? Go to Settings, About phone and check for software update. Make sure you have the latest phone software. 
  3. Clear phone cache. Instructions are here
  4. Clear Application cache and sometime Application data. Instructions are here
  5. Restart your phone in Safe mode. This is just to help you isolate the issue if it is caused by 3rd part apps. Instructions are here.

If those don't help, we certainly want to assist you further with this matter. To better do that, can we have some added details about your specific device and this concern? Things that will help the most would be the exact model number and Baseband version (both under Settings>About Device) for your device as well as your carrier and when you started noticing this happen. Thanks!

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Re: Note 4 keeps powering off

I was having problems with my stock Verizon Note 4 lagging, overheating, freezing, random reboots. I got some relief by installing one of the Wakelock apps from the Play Store, but wiping cache, factory resets, reflashing current and older versions of the firmware did not solve the problems. I went to the Samsung Experiece Center at my local Best Buy and the Samsung representative reflashed the phone, but that did not fix the problem, so he concluded it must be a hardware issue. I then went back to my local Verizon Wireless store and they agreed that it must be hardware once they heard about everything that had been tried. They recommended I contact Samsung Customer Support (at 1-800-SAMSUNG), so I did. They agreed to have my phone shipped to their repair facility for diagnosis in Plano, TX if I would agree to a $70.31 hold on my credit card (refundable if the phone could not be fixed). So I agreed and sent the phone in. They diagnosed the problem and replaced numerous parts (including motherboard, LCD screen, home button, mid-frame, and cosmetic surround that had become chipped around the micro-USB port). I got the phone back after about 11 days (total time from shipped to received). I've had the phone for a couple days now and it looks and works like a brand new phone.


I would highly recommend contacting Samsung Customer Support and sending your phone in if it seems to be having hardware related problems. They did an excellent job on my phone and I think it was certainly worth $70.31 to have a phone that was 2 years and 3 months old (and long out of warranty) repaired to like new condition.


Re: Note 4 keeps powering off

4-26-17.  I am having same problem! I absolutely love this phone but out of no where it keeps shutting down and then restarting itself. Sometimes the android robot will come on screeen and it has DO NOT TURN POWER OFF TO TARGET, DOWNLOADING, and normal booting error. Or I'll have to take battery out just to get it on again. I've reset it back to factory, worked for 1/2 a day then did same thing again. Ive had it in safe mode still same thing. Tried every fix online and still same result. I've taken it to 2 different smartphone repair facilities and they both said it must be a hardware issue nothing I can do but buy new phone. And yes they still charged me for nothing. Like I said I love this phone for 2 years its awesome but its useless like this. Wish I could buy a new note 4.