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Note 9 audible alerts with volume set to silent?

(Topic created: 05-06-2021 06:03 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Hi! While at work, I keep my Notifications and System alerts set to silent so that I only get vibration notification to keep from bothering coworkers. Until recently this worked fine, but now I'm getting audible alerts for both even with the volume set to silent. The only way I've been able to silence them is to go into individual apps and change the settings from Alert to Silent. In some cases, such as the Messages app, I have to change this setting under multiple categories. Unfortunately, this also silences the vibration. I have powered the phone down completely, but this didn't help. Not sure if it matters, but running the 2.5 One IU version and 10 Android Version. (not tech savvy). Is this the result of a recent update? Any way to fix this super-annoying issue?

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