Notifications out of whack


Notifications out of whack

Ever since the latest update, my phones notifications are all out of sync.  My phone says I have 2 messages, but I go in, and they are already viewed.  Same with voice mails, and phone calls. I have restarted my phone and checked settings, but nothing is amiss. Hopefully someone can "update" the recent update...thank you- a veteran samsung user. 

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Re: Notifications out of whack

When you made this update, did you also clear your cache partition from the boot menu, just to make sure any residual data didn't hang around once you updated?


To do this, you can follow the guide here - How To: Clear the Cache Partition


After you do this, make sure to give a nice restart of your phone, and let me know if once you go back into those apps, the notifications stop acting so wonky.

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