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One UI 3 split screen issue

(Topic created on: 4/6/21 1:52 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
The new split screen/multitasking changes in the newest one UI update are just terrible. Why make both apps close when I go to the home screen? This change makes no sense and makes it so much less intuitive and a pain to use. I use split screen every day would would constantly change the bottom app, now I'm unable to do so unless I use the edge panel. Who thought this was a good idea? I want to meet the person at Samsung who truly thought this was a good change. app pairs are a disappoinment and shouldn't be forced. At the very least give us an option to revert it to the old way, as it is it's ridiculously convoluted for no reason. Pretty sure I'm done with Samsung after this phone, they keep getting worse and worse.
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