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PENUP not letting me change account details

(Topic created: 02-05-2024 05:13 PM)
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For any of the PENUP users out there, I'm wondering if any of u guys are experiencing this as well. I'm not able to change any of my account details, this is has been a problem for me since August of 2023. I can't change my bio, pfp, background photo, etc. I've uninstalled the app numerous times before, I've also updated the app when it needed to be updated and it still doesn't work. 

I also got a new phone because, my old one was getting very slow, I thought that was the reason why the app wouldn't work. But I was wrong. I transferred everything onto my current one and PENUP is still not letting me change anything. 

I have no idea what's causing this, but it's starting to really annoy me. 
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