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Please make Android updates (11, 12) available for Note9, even if for a small fee!

(Topic created: 05-26-2021 06:45 AM)
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I cannot afford a new device these days (due to an obvious world-wide issue), plus my Note9 is still in great condition. Also, I still need features like the Iris Scanner, 3.5mm headset jack, heart rate scanner, and expandable memory that are no longer available in the current Note devices. I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to receive the Android 11 One UI 3.x, and future Android 12 One UI 4, upgrades. I realize this kind of software upgrade costs money for Samsung because of software development requirements, but it is insane to force a two- or three-year-old $1000 device to become e-waste. Apple supports their devices for five to six years. Should not Samsung do the same to stay competitive?

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Galaxy Note Phones
This problem isn't really on Samsung its on Google because Google is the owner of the OS Samsung doesn't really have control over it just with One UI. I wish Samsung could leave Android