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Problem with 3x4 (T9) Samsung keyboard

(Topic created: 07-13-2021 06:40 AM)
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I have a preference for using the 3x4 with predictive text enabled keyboard format, I don't like using the Qwerty format. 

Samsung have always provided this option and continue to do so. It's always worked perfectly up to One UI version 1.0 on Note 8 and Note 9. 

However since the One UI 2.0 onwards updates it's been horrible on the Note 9 and Note 10

You can select 3x4 keyboard as normal and it seems to work ok, with predictive text, but then randomly, without any rhyme or reason it will stop working correctly. 

It'll go from working as expected such as pressing 43556 and getting hello to getting gdjkm instead. 

The only way to get it working correctly again is to restart the phone. Sometimes it'll go days without needing to do this sometimes hours or minutes. Getting sick of it to be honest.

With more people using Qwerty I don't expect Samsung to be able to resolve this but I live in hope that they or someone else has a solution

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Red Giant
Galaxy Note Phones

which model do you have? have you updated the samsung keyboard version? 

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