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Problems with latest update. Contacts and pocket dialing

(Topic created on: 4/8/19 12:49 PM)
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There were a number of annoyances with the last update, but there are 2 problems that need to be fixed.


First problem is that there is no way to restore the sort order to "last name, first name". The option no longer exists.


The second problem is that after sending a text message, and then turning the screen off with the right side power button, the phone then dials that contact when I put the phone in my pocket. 

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@Samsung_RxFoR86 wrote:

I have the same problem!!!! Were you able to find a solution

Listed above, but short version, the pocket dialing... 

Settings > advanced Features >Motions and Gestures>Direct Call and turn that off.  


For The contact bug.  Go to the CONTACTS app.  Not contacts through the phone, or contacts through messenger, but you must go through the CONTACTS APP!

Open contacts, click 3 dashes on the left side,  click the gear upper right corner. Presents several sort and filter options.  Change to Sort by last name.  





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