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Question to Samsung

During so many years,samsung supported their phones with many updates,and innovations, and made their phones look advanced and futuristic. Newer camera to interfaces,modems and so on. However what i noticed is their launchers are always the same. Maybe so improvements, but not really a wow factor. So I wonder why their app icons can't be resized as we wish? Even if it was smaller till a point that its almost not visible would be a great update forward improvements on the launcher. The phones looks as always super sleek and amazing eye catching,but when you open the phone for use you see those big coins on the screen that looks so ugly and make the phone looks cheap. For me personal it disturb me to on the phone,but I feel proud to own a Samsung flagship. I wish Samsung brings an update on their launcher to satisfy our hunger for personalisation of our phones to show of to the world how beautiful this piece of art phones are. You can tell the engineers of Samsung put a lot of love developing phones,but ok,improvements is always a most for perfection. Its never to late to change the future,as well for our phones.