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Refurbished unlocked phone set to Korea

(Topic created on: 4/11/21 1:20 PM)
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I purchased a refurbished Note 9 from Amazon and it works well.

However, the phone was originally sold in Korea, but I live in the US. As such, the phone has some issues. One being there is no visual voicemail app, and trying to install it gets denied. Another is that I cannot use Samsung Pay.

I would like to flash the phone so that it is set to the US region, but I can no longer find info on how to get that done. 

TIA for any help.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Note Phones

Unfortunately, I would recommend reaching out to the seller and returning or exchanging the device.


Samsung Pay will not work outside of the region for which it was intended if it was not activated within that region. 


Visual Voicemail is a US carrier feature, voicemails in the US are carrier specific features.