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S Pen doesn't perform any Bluetooth functionality

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 3:21 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Hi folks,


Last night, my Note 10+ suddenly stopped recognizing the s-pen even if it was inserted in the slot. I can still write on the phone and select objects, but it seems that all Bluetooth functions such as air actions no longer work.
I've tried multiple solutions such as:
- Removing case

- Soft Reset

- Bluetooth Cache clearing

- S-pen reset function

- Toggle Air actions on/off



None of the solutions listed have worked. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem with their Note 10+?


Quite frustrating given that this phone is so new and problems like this are already starting to surface.

P. S. The s-pen is samsung official and I haven't gotten it wet or anything. Wondering if this is a manufacturing defect related to the pen's battery capacitor/Bluetooth sensor or maybe something fixable by software

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