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SM-N976U does not update outside US, help! There must be a way!!

(Topic created: 04-15-2021 11:35 PM)
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Hi, good day. I would like to know why I cannot update my Android. My situation is a little bit different. My sister lives in USA and I live in Honduras. She gave me her previous phone; it is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ from AT&T model SM-N976U. The problem is its Android current version is N976USQU3CTI1 and I can see on the internet I am 6 updates late. But when I enter on settings to update, it states that my phone is already up to date. Which I know it is not. On the internet I saw that AT&T has some barriers on which they only allow their telephones to update when inside AT&T network, so I contacted them to contract a VPN service, but they explained me that it is a Samsung issue and not a AT&T issue. So, it would not matter if I contract AT&T VPN service because, according to them, it is something that only Samsung might be able to assist me. I have the AT&T conversation saved if it helps. So I chatted with US Samsung support, explained everything and they told me to enter into Samsung Latin America chat for help that they could help me… and they didn’t…  That is the reason I am writing here. The third last update is the upgrade from Android 10 to 11 and I am missing all those updates, can someone assist me? Is there a possibility for me to inform the IMEI code or something else so someone can locate my phone and make available the updates? There is a Samsung FOTA Knox that might help, although I tried on their website and they do not allow me for the 90 days trail as my e-mail is gmail and they require a company email… there must be a way for me to update it. I tried through Smart Switch but it didn’t find any update… please help.

Luiz Arthur




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There are multiple posts on ATT forums such as the below.  It was not clear from your original post.  Are you still using a ATT sim in Honduras?  Multiple posts show that ATT phones will not update unless you are on ATT network....ATT vpn i dont think will fix the problem since you need ATT cell service.




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