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SNote (app) space used - understanding to optimize / clean up


I have a NoteEdge with SNote and needless to say, that’s great tools, using it everyday.

Just an issue, internal memory going down, and need to “clean up and liberate space”,


I have been lookign around and seems lot of usage of SNote …
(which I do not want to delete, sure)


I check by Settings -> Application Manager:
little more than 3gb said (basically all on data, of course)


I check by a little app called DiskUsage that scan and graphically display internal memory

Apps > S Note > data :: again, about 3gb on a single , and a little on the apk


and the i try locate with TotalComander

/sdcard/SnoteData :: which shows 75 files with a total of about 160MB , JUST, 160MB


and those 76 spd files correspond to my “note-books” that apear on the SNote application , just 160MB

why this huge diference?
May I optimize the storage?


just to play on the safe side,
those spd files, Are the real data?
may I backup and safe them?



on the other hand
as SNote seems to be replaced by SamsungNotes,
should I migrate?

and even further
I would like to “merge” my mobile notes with my W10tablet and PC, (where I am using Ms.OneNote)
Should I replace/migrate to another tool like OneNote?)



thanks a lot !!!