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Samsung Messages App- Delete Message Process

(Topic created: 11-20-2022 05:29 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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Wish Samsung would put in a swipe option for different handling of messages, like deleting, archiving, etc.

I'm new to the Samsung platform. I used to use Pulse SMS and that was decent for free.

So many other apps on phone, native, Samsung built or not, or third party use swiping left to delete for example.

Does Samsung read this forum and get suggestions?

I'll accept any input. 

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Red Giant
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If they do look here and take suggestions. I doubt they would. Implement a feature immediately.
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Features of a Chat app are author dependent

For example, we use Google Messages exclusively, and it has the feature ... see screenshot
It's a great Chat app that is reliable and has great features... plus you can use it on a desktop or laptop