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Samsung phones

Lately I have seen a lot of why Samsung posts. Or you have to do better Samsung. But if you had to pick any phone after the phone that you have now decides to stop working what would you pick? Probably another Samsung phone why? Because they are some of the most advanced phones and they have a lot of programs and apps that help with passwords securities and many other day-to-day things. It's also because they're reliable devices, I've had a note 4, S8 Plus and a Note 9 which is my current device. Samsung phones are Some of the most customizable devices, Not just that how many devices beside Samsung's do you know that can run computer programs or use any program like samsung Dex? They also have some of the best looking devices not Just that but they are also powerful as far is a ram size memory size graphics card screen is awesome. And the cameras are amazing, but not just that they are also really good in low light If you know how to use it. Yeah they have some flaws just like every device made by a human being but all in all there's some of the best and always will be especially as far as new tech. Yeah they did stopped putting the headphone jacks in their phones but in this point of time most people are using Bluetooth anyway. Wires now get in the way anymore it could simultaneously switch from your phone's Bluetooth connected to your headphones to your car and what not. So what do you guys think? what are some of their best features? And what are some things you don't like? But like I said it could be worse it could be Lg or Apple lol.