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Samsung products are garbage!

(Topic created on: 4/5/21 10:33 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Hello everyone,  I don't know what has happened to Samsung but for the last 5 years every product I get from Samsung is complete garbage! I own 2 houses and have rental property and we have 3 refrigerators that keep having problems, a dishwasher that hasn't worked right since we bought it, TV that didn't work right out of the box and I have sent my Note 10 in for repair 6 times in two years!! Oh my goodness so many other problems I just can't even think of right now because I'm so upset! My note 10 was purchased two years ago and like I said I have sent it in 6 times and it has never been fixed right! They did finally replace it the 3rd time only to get a phone with the same low temperature warning :warning:that it has had the entire time. After sending it back so many times I finally went and bought a new phone! I am not a apple person but I haven't had a single problem with the apple products that I have now. IPad, IPhone ×2. The last time they had my phone it took over a month to get it back and I could not stress enough how important it was to have my phone because I am on Emergency call 24 hours 7 days a week. They couldn't ever offer a loaner and usually had it over a week. The last time it was sent in it was over a month and I emailed the president of the company and he wouldn't respond to the emails! My phone has been sitting here still with the same problem that has never been taken care of and now they said I have to pay for them to look at it even though it has never been properly fixed!! I purchased 3 note 10's and a IPhone for my daughter which was over $4,000 and yet they still want to charge me for the repairs. I strongly urge everyone to make the switch to Apple products and also STAY AWAY from SAMSUNG HOME APPLIANCES!!!!! PLEASE research all the problems they are having. I will not purchase anymore or anything else from Samsung again.!!!!

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