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Scratches on my Note 20 Ultra :(

(Topic created on: 3/23/21 5:26 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

I've had this phone for just over 3 months and I baby the phone. When I saw the ©Corning © Gorilla Victus hype I truly thought to myself, I don't need a screen protector. Now I'm seeing minor surface scratches (about 5) on the world's most durable glass. This is a complete joke. I put the phone in a soft felt holster, I wipe it down with a lens microfiber cloth and I've got this issue???? This is a $1,300 premium phone. My Note 8 never had surface scratches. To add further insult to injury the S21 Ultra was released with a soc for 5G. The battery life on this handset is just average.

As for the scratches, well I'm really disappointed and I know Samsung will do NOTHING. So as much as I like the Note series I might as well switch to Apple. I've heard the ceramic shield is excellent.
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