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Scroll capture stopped working

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 12:19 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Starting just a few days ago, I noticed by coincidence my Scroll Capture stopped working.  I try to take a scroll capture as usual, taking a print screen and selecting the Scroll Capture icon a few times as the page scrolls down but the button to scroll down is grayed out.  I check my Screen Shot Album and only a screen capture of the first visible screen is captured.  I also see other people posting this problem on their S phones on Android 11, although my note 9 is Android 10. I tried to uninstall Smart capture updates, but that doesn't solve the problem, probably worse where scroll capture bar doesn't even appear when taking screenshots.

Appreciate a solution for this, as I don't prefer to look for a 3rd party app as none was clean as that of Samsung's app.


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