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Shortcut info disappears on restart/software update

(Topic created: 08-18-2021 11:01 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
I use the app Folder Organizer to create groups with representative icons to organize my apps. The various group icons and corresponding labels are added to the screen via a shortcut link offered through widgets.

Every time the phone restarts, or the software is updated, the shortcut icons and labels revert to a generic icon with a generic label. After about a year of deleting and re-adding my shortcuts (the only way to get back the correct icons/labels) I was so disgusted that I was about to give up on Folder Organizer, even though I had paid for the pro version and used it on all my Android devices.

Imagine my surprise to find out that the culprit is Samsung UI, NOT Folder Organizer!! I have since switched to Nova Launcher, and no longer have this issue. I don't mind using the Samsung UI, but I won't as long as it breaks the apps I really love.

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