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Stolen Phone Recovered but locked.

(Topic created: 05-11-2021 10:38 AM)
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Hello all.

About a month ago i was held at gunpoint and forced to hand over my phone (Note 8, SM-N950U)  along with other valuables. The robber made me unlock my phone and remove my accounts (samsung) & (google) from it.  After working with the police for some weeks,they were able to retrieve the stolen device and arrest the person who had it in their possession (alleged robber). I got back the handset but the person (alleged robber) had a screen lock (PASSSWORD not PIN or Pattern) on the device.

He told the police that '"he doesn't remember the password he used". So now i am locked out of my own phone and i am not sure how to move forward.

I have considered Hard reset which would then Trigger Factory Reset Protection (FRP) so does not seem like a viable solution.The phone does not have USB debugging enabled. Can anyone help me? I have O.K technical knowledge/skill.


I have messaged samsung and provided all necessary documents (Police Report,,I.D etc) but they dont seem to be able to help.

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Galaxy Note Phones
Whoa so much headache
Hope you get help.

Even if Samsung makers don't.
Good cell got back
Bad no assistance from Samsung