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Sudden NFC ....

(Topic created: 04-24-2024 09:29 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
So I'm outside doing gardening& listening to my phone's data connection thru the speakers then suddenly everything (& I do mean everything BT data hotspot etc) turns off cuz I can hear this happen & it's basically as if my phone restarted like it will but it was still on. After I logged in I saw the NFC feature symbol in the upper right corner & had to look it up but it's that exact symbol on my far right next to hotspot symbol. I do NOT intentionally enabled for various reasons but I know it's off & disabled. And it is now & I haven't done anything yet. 

Why is that symbol in the upper notices when it's disabled on my phone?! What EXACTLY does it mean when it appears?! J know it's about payments but that's it.

And I suppose it's important to mention that I've also had my identity stolen by my cell carrier so many times just calling customer servuce at this point that it's just normal now.

It felt a lot like when my carrier lowers or turns my high speed data down to the whatever speed it is at night and the timing was rt around that time. My BT disconnected everything etc it was just really weird cuz that NFC icon popped up but I didn't have service at all for about 5 mins when all this happened. I call these when they reset my network drop my speeds etc but this was slightly different more like an outage & like I said the new payment icon bothers me.

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