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I've been a Samsung loyalist since 2013, with the S3 Mini, S5, S6 edge, Note 7, S7 edge, Note 8, 9, and now Note 10+. However, I'm in a toss up if I should finally switch to Apple everything...I know its a huge betrayal to my beloved Samsung! I still want to see what the Note 20 is going to be like. I've never given into the whole, "Apple is status and luxurious" thing, but idk something is tempting me. I like how Apple gets updates right when the new iOS comes out, then again, Samsung gives us updates even way before Google does with One UI. Maybe its because I recently applied to work for Apple and now I'm worried I'll be pressured to switch even though I have several friends that work for Apple and they tell me I can use whatever phone I want, they don't care. Ugh, someone give me some input or convince me to stick with Samsung!